Thursday, June 18, 2009

Only Father in the Room :(

Yesterday I went to signup my kids for summer camp at the West Philly YMCA (52nd & Walnut Streets). And yes I know, I waited to the last minute. This economy has been tight on me, and I been robbing Peter and Paul for some time now.

In any case, I was able to catch a parent orientation for the camp. First I will tell you I was very impressed with the Staff to camper ratio (1 - 10) for kids 7 - 10. They have an organized drop-off system so parents don't need to get out of car; trips every week; swimming every day; and lunch and before and after care are included to boot.

The only thing I was left wondering was why am I the only FATHER in the room? Us Dads have many great gifts and talents to offer these settings and provide a much needed balance. Well I already decided that I would volunteer a few times at the West Philly Y this summer and encourage other Dads to get involved.

What are you thought on this? Have you experienced something similar?

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